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Halal Foodie Couple in the wonderful city of Toronto. Restaurant and product reviews, recipes, industry news and more. The purpose of this website is to promote local Muslim food establishments in a positive light. However we also promote honest reviews and will give constructive criticism on halal food when necessary. We are foodies (people who love and enjoy food) and we only eat halal food, that’s how we came up with the name for the website — not because we give advice on what is halal and what is not. Always check any doubtful issues or questions with a scholar that you trust. We have decided to align ourselves to “Hand Slaughtered” halal as it is a method of slaughter that is accepted by all, irrespective of sects and schools of thought. Since we only eat hand slaughtered halal, we can only share our opinion on these establishments. In order to respect the views of everyone, we are revamping our directory so that it clearly identifies all types of restaurants with specifics on their halal meat source and other particulars so everyone can make educated choices on what they decide to eat. All of the content in this website is opinion and should not be taken as professional or authoritative. You have the ultimate responsibility over what you take away from visiting here.

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