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Best Halal Restaurants Toronto 2016

Best Halal Restaurants Toronto 2016. The last few years in the GTA has seen the birth of many innovative and exciting halal restaurants, making Toronto the envy of the Halal restaurant scene for much of North America. As great as this is for halal foodies across Toronto, it makes writing the ‘Best Of’ list for 2016′ that much harder. From the growth and expansion of some of your favourite restaurants to the introduction of new restaurants to the halal dining scene, it becomes harder and harder to decide who to consider a ‘top’ Toronto restaurant.

We compiled this list factoring in aspects like consistency, ambience, taste, and a passion to serve innovative and excellent food. It’s also a combination of our opinions, our dining experiences, the success of restaurants as a whole, and your feedback through our social networks. Through our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other channels, we listened to your opinions as best as we could. If you aren’t already, follow us on our platforms and stay connected to help us constantly improve and be on top of what’s happening in Toronto.

And of course, all restaurants featured on halalfoodie.ca are completely halal; no pork products, no alcohol served, fully halal menus, and only hand-slaughtered halal poultry. Finally, we remind our readers that ownership, meat sources, and halal authenticity can change anytime with restaurants. We advise that you always double-check before going out to eat and if you come across any new information, contact us and let us know!

Here’s what we’ve come up with for Best Halal Restaurants Toronto 2016 (in ALPHABETICAL ORDER!):


2220 Brock Rd, Pickering, (905) 239-5415
It’s no shocker here that Affy’s Premium Grill is yet again on our list for best halal restaurants in Toronto. They were the pioneers of the halal dining scene who finally broke the routine of only halal pizza or shawarma. They had bumps along the way — some may have still left people scarred — but there’s no denying that they have a huge fan base that is unparalleled. Finally, their 2-can-dine for $30 from Monday-Thursday evenings is an amazing deal, with menu items you may not see other nights of the week. So whenever you decide to go, we advise that you call in for reservations first.
Must try: Cajun Stuffed Chicken, BBQ Ribs

Bamiyan Kabob

Six locations across the GTA
This may not be a surprise but, this was still a tough addition. Afghan food is plentiful and there are some very tasty choices. This decision went down to the polls and Bamiyan came out as the winner, with honourable mentions for Kandahar Kabab Naan & Kabob. Bamiyan is the most well-known of the three heavy-hitting Afghan restaurants, and it’s also the oldest of the three. They’ve consistently served good food and their fresh naan is their staple. With locations all across the GTA, Bamiyan is easily accessible and accommodating. So perhaps that’s why they seem to resonate more with halal-eaters of the GTA.
Must try: Sultani Kabob, Barg Kabob, Boulagnee

Black Ox Bistro

1780 Markham Rd, Scarborough, (416) 297-5777
Black Ox Bistro is an answer to another issue that halal diners across the GTA were having – finding good, upscale halal food in a high-end setting. You can come here for client meetings, special occasions and even when hosting events. They offer a uniquely creative menu, delivering North American and Italian favourites, ranging from flatbreads to sandwiches, entrees to steaks, and seafood to pastas. They also carry specialty meat platters for heavy eaters, and a variety of gourmet drinks for those who enjoy a lighter pleasure. The ambience and presentation are what pushes Black Ox Bistro over the top, finding themselves on a spot in this year’s ‘Best Of’.
Must try: Beef Wellington, Brisket Poutine, Chipotle Chicken Flatbread, Steak (of your choice).

Burger Factory

Three locations across the GTA
When it comes to burgers, nothing quite matters as much as the quality of the beef and ingredients used in the burger. Burger Factory is your traditional burger joint, serving up all classics alongside unique items like their Tornado Fries and Funnel Cakes for dessert. And while they stick to the classics, they do it right. Using fresh premium beef that they grind in-house, Burger Factory delivers great quality burgers with that juicy, fresh taste that burger-lovers crave. Pair that with a fresh poutine or onion rings, and you’ve got yourself a meal that hits home. With locations in Mississauga, Vaughan, and now in Downtown Toronto, you can satisfy your craving anywhere you go.
Must try: Juicy Lucy, Poutine, Funnel Cake

The Burgernator

269 Augusta Ave, Toronto, (647) 748-0990
The Burgernator reinvented the halal burger and they did it with attitude. Since their opening in 2013, they’ve been the favourite burger spot for many and according to your votes and feedback, they still are. With their military theme, blacked out interior on wooden tables, and artwork plastering the walls, The Burgernator makes it their mission to take burgers to the next level. It’s not just their beef patty that stands out but, the options they provide. They also take the time to create weekly specials that are totally different from their regular menu. With a passion like this, it’s no wonder The Burgernator is a top Toronto restaurant.
Must Try: The Big Bang, Atomic Burger, Burgernator Fries

Cluck Clucks

222 The Esplanade, Toronto, (647) 748-2582
Love it or hate it, chicken & waffles has taken the foodie scene by storm over the past year. Clucks Clucks in downtown Toronto has since jumped on the trend, specializing in the savoury waffle meal with the traditional chicken & waffles style or their innovative chicken & waffles sandwiches & Twacos. But they don’t just serve regular waffles. Cluck Clucks infuses their batter in-house with jalapeno and cheddar, giving this dish a well-rounded palette of flavours for a full, satisfying meal. Of all the places serving chicken & waffles, Cluck Clucks received the best feedback and many recommendations. Their excellent food and drive for originality is what put them on this year’s ‘Best of’ list.
Must Try: Mother Clucker, Cluck Yeah!


731 Central Pkwy W, Mississauga, (905) 896-7373
When the Portuguese sailed by the east coast of Africa on their way to India, they came across the peri-peri pepper. Eventually, peri-peri found its way onto rotisserie chicken, and the rest was history. Although mostly found in the West-end of the GTA, Galitos is a fan favourite when it comes to rotisserie chicken. Made with their special peri-peri spice and served with their peri-peri sauce, Galitos serves chicken that’s very-very good. They offer their chicken at different spice levels, from Lemon Herb to Very Spicy, so there’s something for everyone. Overall, it’s a great venue to go with friends and the food is consistently good.
Must Try: Whole Chicken, Peri Peri Fries, Coleslaw, Chicken Burger


145 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke, (416) 747-6874
Of some of the most unique restaurants found in Toronto is Mushkaki, a small restaurant whose diner-themed menu is given an East-African touch, with all of their food made from scratch, in-house, daily. Their menu is mostly familiar with items like burgers, pastas, kabobs, steaks, etc. but their East-African flavour profile turns these dishes into something completely different. Their prices are very fair, their servings are large, and the food is full of flavour. Anyone who’s been to Mushkaki has been one to recommend it with excitement. All things considered, Mushkaki is deserving of a spot on 2016’s ‘Best of’ list.
Must try: Beef Burger, Beef Katta Katta, Sweet Tomato Chicken, Mushkaki Fries


Several locations across the GTA
What started as a single restaurant in Mississauga has turned into franchise of 60 restaurants across Canada, the USA, Lebanon and Pakistan. Paramount’s vision for excellence was driven by their passion for serving authentic food. Their Lebanese-style restaurants have in-store bakeries, complimentary bread, and comfortable seating for a great experience with friends or families. Paramount’s efforts have taken them a long way, and their restaurants can be found all over the GTA.
Must try: Shish tawouk, Manakeesh, Musaaka, Mixed BBQ Platter

Pizza la Rosa

2555 Victoria Park Ave #19, Scarborough, (416) 551-7672
You can expect nothing less than high-quality, authentic Italian food at Pizza La Rosa. One look at the menu will have you know that this place isn’t your typical pizza and pasta restaurant. Highlighted with menu items that are true to Italian dining, Pizza La Rosa takes pride is serving food with fresh, high quality ingredients, while making all of their sauces in-house. Pasta lovers will be left to marvel at their menu and pizza lovers have to look no further. This truly is a restaurant that has to be tried to understand the quality of their food.
Must try: Pizza, Lasagna, Chicken Parm Sandwich

Restoran Malaysia

815 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill, (905) 508-1432
A rare type of cuisine in the GTA is Malaysian food, which is a fusion of Chinese, Indian, and Malay foods. What you’ll find is a variety of dishes that blend spices with fresh herbs, and a menu filled with items consisting of lemon-grass, coconut, plum sauce, pineapple, peanuts & cashews, and other combinations that aren’t seen elsewhere. The result is a menu filled with flavourful items, and a restaurant that is often busy. The only downside is their policy of no reservations. But come early, and the food will be worth the wait.
Must try: Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Chicken Masak Masam Manis, Masak Lemax Hijau

Roman Zaman

325 Central Pkwy W #8, Mississauga, (905) 276-0101
Roman Zaman will transport you back into one of the oldest cities and civilizations in the history of the world: Damascus. One of the most well decorated, ambient restaurants found in the GTA, Roman Zaman left no page unturned when planning out the dining experience in their restaurant. From the tables, to the walls, to your plates and your platters, this venue is an artwork turned into a restaurant. Their menu stays true to their heritage while offering some fusion foods, combining old with new, and featuring their speciality pomegranates on select dishes. There’s no question that they put a lot of hard-work and dedication into this restaurant.
Must try: Muhammara, Fattet Hummus & Pomegranate, Roman Zaman Grills, Roman Zaman Kibbeh

Honourable Mentions:

2075 Danforth Ave, Toronto
Although new to the scene in Toronto’s halal restaurant market, ASAP City reinvented the sandwich. Their Parisian inspired-food combined with their urban-culture resulted in a restaurant with a hip vibe and great food. All of their sauces and spices are made in-house, they source high-quality chicken and beef, they have a great variety of styles too choose from, and they just know how to make a tasty sandwich. Not often do you find fast-food-type restaurants that put this much effort into creativity and use fresh ingredients in their foods. But when you do, you have a restaurant that’s worth mentioning alongside some of Toronto’s top restaurants.
Must try: Red SAP, Le French, Philly Steak, Swissalicious, ASAP’outine

That’s our list for Best Halal Restaurants Toronto 2016! Agree or disagree? Leave your comments below! term paperessay writterorder essay online